Data-driven solutions for your business challenges

with the dddm™ methodology

We are Rekolt, your strategic and data-driven partner.
We help businesses extract value from data to make informed decisions.
We combine analytical expertise with creativity to uncover insights and opportunities that drive growth.
We crafted our own dddm™ methodology (data driven decision making) to work with companies on actionable plans beyond the jargon and the buzzwords.

Unlock business opportunities with data

Ad-hoc business challenge

Your company might be facing unique challenges that require a tailored and data-driven solution. We develop custom methodologies and leverage data to solve complex problems.

We will work with you to achieve your objectives through data-driven decision-making (dddm™), no matter how complex the challenge may be.

examples of use cases: fact-based market research, new market opportunities, trend watching

Assess your data readiness

Understand the data you have, how it is collected, and how it can be used to make better decisions. We identify gaps in data collection and suggest practical ways to fill them so your teams can make more informed business decisions

Create your data action plan

AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Engineering,… these terms can be overwhelming. We will help you gain clarity on how these technologies can benefit your business, and what strategies will work best for you. Our goal is to cut through the jargon and deliver actionable and pragmatic plans for leveraging data to drive your business forward.
With you, we define the use cases that fit your business needs, with no added fluff or complexity.

Performance measurement and optimization

We work with you to measure the effectiveness of your operations and identify areas for improvement. We define the KPIs that matter most develop a system for tracking and analyzing those metrics.

examples of use cases: sales performance, offer & categorym management, pricing & promotion strategy, marketing & media optimization, salesforce performance, customer segmentation

Forecasting and predictive modeling

Businesses can make predictions about future events or outcomes based on historical data and external data. By analyzing patterns and trends we can help you forecast what might happen next and make informed decisions accordingly.

examples of use cases: sales forecast, AI-assisted product development, fraud detection, customer retention, supply chain optimization

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