Field Sales Excellence

Boosting field sales teams' performance is key: it grows sales, shapes how customers see your company and provides useful insights for business decisions. A top-performing sales team is powerful for business success, but field sales rep are facing critical challenges.

Our Field Sales Excellence capability addresses fundamental challenges companies have:

Sales Targets: How do we craft strategies and incentives that consistently propel our teams to meet or exceed sales targets?

Customer Loyalty: How do we create and sustain customer loyalty in a fiercely competitive market, ensuring a reliable revenue stream?

Territory Mastery: How can we efficiently manage and allocate resources across expansive sales territories to optimize coverage and maximize results?

Customer Insights: How can we gain deeper insights into our diverse customer base to customize offerings and improve service?

Technology Adaptation: How do we ensure our teams not only adapt but excel in using new digital tools in an ever-evolving tech landscape?

Product Knowledge: How can we ensure our sales force is consistently up-to-date with evolving product offerings to maintain credibility and effectiveness in the marketplace?

Time Allocation: How do we optimize our teams' time, striking the right balance between active selling activities and necessary administrative tasks?

Headquarters Alignment: How do we foster seamless communication and strategic alignment between field sales reps and the central office to maintain operational effectiveness?

REKOLT brings Sales Excellence to your field teams with processes, change management and data

1. Understanding Your Challenges
We start by immersing ourselves in your field sales operations. We analyze your sales data, study your customer interactions, get to grips with your product lines, and delve into your existing processes and workflows. This rigorous examination forms the foundation of our partnership, ensuring that we comprehend the complexities of your business. 

2. Identifying Opportunities
With a thorough understanding of your business, we identify opportunities for improvement and growth. Leveraging data analytics, we uncover valuable insights about your sales targets, customer loyalty, territory mastery, and more. These insights drive the next stages of our strategy. 

3. Designing Custom Solutions

Using the insights gained, we tailor solutions to your specific challenges. Whether it's creating efficient processes, designing an effective change management strategy, or identifying appropriate digital tools, we devise a comprehensive plan for field sales excellence.

4. Implementing Transformation
Once the plan is designed, we guide your team through the implementation process. With our expertise in change management, we ensure a smooth transition to new technologies, processes, and strategies. This step is all about taking the plan from paper to reality. 

Empowering Client Success:

  • Wine & Spirits Industry: We collaborated with an industry leader to harmonize AI-driven recommendations with valuable field knowledge, strengthening their decision-making process

  • Pharmaceutical Sector: We assisted a top-tier pharmaceutical company in developing and implementing a robust omnichannel strategy, effectively navigating the increasing complexity of its product portfolio

  • Corporate Banking: In an intensely competitive market, we equipped corporate bankers with targeted content and persuasive pitch strategies, empowering them to stand out and succeed

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